LED High Bay Light

ENSHINE is a professional LED lighting manufacturer with 16 years of experience. Our durable LED high bay light has a long service lifespan, 3-year warranty, and energy savings.

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100w led high bay light
100w led high bay light
LED UFO High Bay Light YX-HL-01

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ENSHINE LED High Bay Light

LED high bay lights are also called LED work lights and over time they have come to be known as high bay lights to distinguish them from low bay lights. Today's LED work light is any fixture that hangs higher than 12 feet and exceeds 10,000 lumens. Widely used in industrial plants, production workshops, supermarkets, sports and entertainment venues, warehouses, etc.

Industrial lighting is closely related to industrial production, LED industrial lighting with directional light, low power consumption, good driving characteristics, fast response time, high seismic capacity, long service life, green, and other advantages gradually into people's view.